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ASHOK RANE, the Director of IFA - Indian Film Academy, in one of the noted Film Critics, a Film Academician, Researcher and Writer.

He has been in film journalism for the last three decades. In this tenure of thirty years he has been writing extensively on Indian and World cinema. He has been attending Film Festivals not only in India but all over the world. This academician has watched and studied films made all over the world, right from the first film of the world made by the Lumiere Brothers of France in 1895.

As a missionary of good cinema, as he is fondly known, he has been actively participating in film society movement for the last twenty-five years.

Ashok Rane is regularly attending Indian Film Festivals since 1984. He has been invited as Film Critic to the Berlin International Film Festival since 1996 and so far he has attended the
same seven times. He was also invited to the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) in 1999
and Sundance and Asian Film Festival (Orlando) in USA in 2002. He was a member
of FIPRESCI ( The Federation Internationale de la Presse Cinematographique) Jury for
Moscow International Film Festival - 2003.

He has visited various Film Institutions, Film Schools, Film Archives, Studios in Berlin, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Bern, Zurich, New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Moscow. He has visited several major art galleries and also Science Institutes in almost all these cities.

While individually conducting Film Appreciation Courses he has also been a member of the visiting faculty for Film Technique, Appreciation, Criticism and Aesthetics at the University of Mumbai and other renowned Institutes such as Xavier's' Institute of Communication, S.N.D.T. University and many more.

He has also successfully tried his hand in creative writing. Popularity of few of his television serials and Radio Programmes, which he had written, proves his skill in creative writing.

'Cinemachi Chittarkatha', 'Chitra Manatla', 'Anubhav', 'Chitrapat Ek Pravas' and the compilation of his most popular column in the largest circulating Marathi Daily 'Loksatta', 'Sakkhe Sobti' are few of his popular published works.

He received the National Award for his book 'Cinemachi Chittarkatha' in 1996 and the second one for Best Film Critic in 2002.

Though being a hard core film lover, Ashok Rane has great admiration for Theatre, Literature, Music, and Painting.

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